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Recommendations, ratings, activities, and opinions of our clients and also of our students. Many thanks to everyone who makes Atelier Glez a place to learn, share, dream, laugh, and cry. A place to meet and grow. Thank you all!

Sandra turns drawing into an experience, gets you to enjoy during the learning process and helps you explore those skills you didn't even imagine you had. It's been a great discovery!

Sara Diego

Atelier Glez is a very motivating learning space, the teacher adapts the contents a lot to the needs of each student.

Daniel Olmos

Great professional, motivating, with a lot of patience that makes the difficult easy and brings out the best in you.

John Paul Wheat

My daughter has gone to her drawing classes, and Sandra helped her find the style in which she felt comfortable and gain confidence in expressing herself through drawing. The result is that today, for my daughter, drawing is one of the channels she uses to communicate, develop her emotions and enjoy, being part of her life. I recommend that if you meet creative children you give them the opportunity to build that part of their personal development with Sandra. For us it was very worth it.

Cesar Goyache

Fantastic teacher. My kids learned a lot in a beautiful environment.

Alexandra Flaus

Great professional. We are delighted with the classes. Highly recommended.

Ana Rodriguez

If you like painting do not hesitate to try this atelier. Suitable for all levels. Sandra is a great teacher able to give you the guidelines necessary to get the most out of your drawings.

Nuria Sanchez

If you are looking for a teacher of drawing and painting technique, Sandra is the right person. Very professional and highly highly recommended.

Belen Bergia

Sandra makes it all easy: you learn, you relax and you enjoy. Teacher, artist and almost-coach in one. A luxury to have found her. By the way, and it's spectacular with the kids!!

Oscar Ibañez

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Do you want to improve your drawings?

Do you really want to improve your drawings?

Most people who ask me say yes, if they want to improve their drawings. And when I ask them what they do for better, they tell me “I draw a lot, I copy things from instagram or pinterest”.

I’m sure you’ve done something like this. However, let me ask you, after so many hours of drawing, after so many copies, has the effort really paid off?

I don’t mean if you’ve improved a little bit, something always gets better, I mean if really, the result has been extraordinary.

Do you want extraordinary results?

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Now it’s better

that after

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Stop copying Bad Drawings Right Now

Stop wasting time copying other people’s mistakes, because that’s what you do when you pull down any pinterest or instagram drawing and copy it. Because, not only, you’re copying the drawing, but you’re also copying its owner’s mistakes. 

And when I say copying, I mean learning, internalizing and making those mistakes yours, with everything that entails. It’s hard to get rid of bad habits, a lot. I see that at the Atelier every day. 

Believe me, there are tons of bad drawings on the net with problems and mistakes of all kinds. If you want to learn and improve, copy worthwhile drawings that you can get an apprenticeship from. 

Send me drawings to copy


Copy what works

How can you improve your drawings?

You don’t have to invent the wheel, everything is simpler, Copy what already works.

One of the most effective practice modes to improve your drawing is to copy masterpieces. That is, copy a reproduction of a work by a great master. And in case you need to refresh your memory you can see a list of the great masters here.

If you prefer, there are also a lot of really good contemporary artists who make amazing drawings. You can see a list Here. 

Anatomy drawings to copy here

And speaking of anatomy, it’s hard to imagine a better way to start than by copying drawings from the Repin Academy in St. Petersburg.

These drawings are authentic expert eye jewelry. Enjoy them and savor them patiently and with care because there is much to learn from these little wonders.

Repin Pdf

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Any journey always starts with a first step

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El conocimiento es un tesoro, pero la práctica, es la clave

¡Es hora de practicar!


Un Gran viaje empieza siempre con un primer paso

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Show me your art