Learn to draw with a bit of common sense and a lot of technique

I am Sandra Glez and every day I send you an email about my learnings in the art world.

These emails may not change your life, but I’m sure you’ll learn. Among other things I’ll talk about:

I also send you a couple of PDFs as a welcome gift (but don’t think that because they are a gift they have no value, it’s quite the opposite) 

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My proposal is simple

I send you a daily email with tips so you can improve your drawing/painting technique

Here there are no definitive tricks or guides to solve your life. You’re not going to create an artwork before the end of the month, nor are you going to sell your paintings for millions of dollars next week.

This doesn’t work that way.

It is aimed at people who have understood that consistency and effort is what makes a difference and that good work brings results..

But first of all

I want to tell you a story

The first thing I want you to know is that I didn’t study fine arts at any university.

I studied psychology.

And until I was 31 years old I did not receive any artistic training beyond attending some course or workshop in the typical neighborhood academies.

But then I discovered…

I’m not going to tell you any miraculous secret

nor cheap tricks for fooling around.

When I was 31, I got tired of being last one in line and bet on my training. I just applied common sense, I wanted to learn something and I looked for good teachers to teach me and, of course, good things have a price. I mean, I saved up a whole year to pay for an academy in Florence.

And I learned a lot. A lot of technique, but what struck me the most was the incredible change of observer I made.


I went from thinking that talent was the most important thing (with all that it entails).

To understand that, without knowing the techniques, talent is all you have (if you have it) but learning and knowing how to apply the techniques talent is just a plus, that’s all.

You see how important this is,

without technical training you are at the mercy of your skill/talent (and don’t kid yourself, whatever it is, it’s always going to be little).

But with technical training, what you depend on is your motivation, the hours you spend practicing and your skill/talent will help you, in some cases, to go more or less fast.

It’s as simple as understanding first and then practicing and practicing and practicing…

It’s that easy.

The truth

nobody wants to tell you

The Great Teachers began by making pitiful drawings, practiced to make decent drawings, practiced to make excellent drawings, and practiced until their works seemed to be touched by the hand of God.

They practiced and learned.

You can learn to draw and paint.

Talent is the result of a good theoretical basis, a lot of passion, work, curiosity, patience…

but above all, talent is the result of a path; under no circumstances it’s the beginning.

Is it quick and easy?

Can I become an artist in the blink of an eye?

Learning the art of drawing and painting requires dedication, commitment, sacrificialness and a lot of love for what you do. My job is to teach you how to walk the paths that are there to master this art, and choose the ones most according to your personality.


there are many paths, but no shortcut.

There are many systems, methods, and precious advice born from the experience of many teachers over centuries. But like any art, mastering it takes time.

I can teach you the techniques, but if you don’t practice them, they’re going to do you little good.

And by practicing I don’t mean to do it once and you’ve already fulfilled, you have to practice until it works (it can be once, two, three, a thousand; it’s not about fulfilling, you have to master it).

The reward, the satisfaction, that’s a quick thing. Progress is noticeable in the day-to-day. You’ll do things you didn’t think you could do and even learn to value your mistakes positively.

If learning to draw is one of those things that you have thought is little less than impossible, in these emails I will show you how you can do it. And in less time than you think.


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Super handy guide to mix colors effectively.

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Do you want to improve your drawings?

Do you really want to improve your drawings?

Most people who ask me say yes, if they want to improve their drawings. And when I ask them what they do for better, they tell me “I draw a lot, I copy things from instagram or pinterest”.

I’m sure you’ve done something like this. However, let me ask you, after so many hours of drawing, after so many copies, has the effort really paid off?

I don’t mean if you’ve improved a little bit, something always gets better, I mean if really, the result has been extraordinary.

Do you want extraordinary results?

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Now it’s better

that after

You can also wait

to be avenged by 


Stop copying Bad Drawings Right Now

Stop wasting time copying other people’s mistakes, because that’s what you do when you pull down any pinterest or instagram drawing and copy it. Because, not only, you’re copying the drawing, but you’re also copying its owner’s mistakes. 

And when I say copying, I mean learning, internalizing and making those mistakes yours, with everything that entails. It’s hard to get rid of bad habits, a lot. I see that at the Atelier every day. 

Believe me, there are tons of bad drawings on the net with problems and mistakes of all kinds. If you want to learn and improve, copy worthwhile drawings that you can get an apprenticeship from. 

Send me drawings to copy


Copy what works

How can you improve your drawings?

You don’t have to invent the wheel, everything is simpler, Copy what already works.

One of the most effective practice modes to improve your drawing is to copy masterpieces. That is, copy a reproduction of a work by a great master. And in case you need to refresh your memory you can see a list of the great masters here.

If you prefer, there are also a lot of really good contemporary artists who make amazing drawings. You can see a list Here. 

Anatomy drawings to copy here

And speaking of anatomy, it’s hard to imagine a better way to start than by copying drawings from the Repin Academy in St. Petersburg.

These drawings are authentic expert eye jewelry. Enjoy them and savor them patiently and with care because there is much to learn from these little wonders.

Repin Pdf

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Any journey always starts with a first step

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El conocimiento es un tesoro, pero la práctica, es la clave

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Un Gran viaje empieza siempre con un primer paso

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